Jami use the wrong webcam

I have a Logitech HD Pro C920 camera. In the start Jami could find the camera but after some crash the list of camera in the drop-bar menu shows my old camera (Microsoft camera) that I do not use anymore:
After this problem arrive Jami always crash.

Another problem is with my account dos not show the name of people in my list after some re-installation of the operating system then I was removing old computers in the device-list. This make a problem to call people the people I added in the first, people added later is fine.

Every time I get able to call those in my list without name the name comes back, but as soon I close the program and start it over again it just the username of the person and it dos not sync in a proper way and not able to call.

Hope relay it come a bug-fix on this two issues in the future.

Best regard


Hello again!

The problem with the camera is fixed by reinstalling Jami (Operating-system; Voyager Ubuntu 22.04). I try first to install flat-pack but this one crashes and has some sync-poroblem on my account (flat-pack works on my laptopp). Then I install the snap-version and this find my Web-camera.

I also figured out that Logitech HD Pro C920 operate best with the videcodec; VP8 and H.264/AVC. audiocodec; Opus and G.722.

An another issue is the extension apps like; WhisperTranscript and GreenScreen is making Jami to close down. I believe this is because of the age this machine I am using. The motherboard is an MSI-AMI1 from 2014, it has a processor with 4 core 2050 Mghz. This processor with the new camera is peek at 89-99% usage of the processor when runnnig Jami :wink:

I think that was it have I nice day.

Best regard