Jami (v20221007-01) group chats available with Android 11?

Jami (v20221007-01)

FAQ — Jami documentation
Yes, Jami now has Swarm group chats. However, they are currently experimental and must be manually enabled from application settings.

I cannot find an option in the settings for Jami (v20221007-01), so are chat groups for Android available.

Of course I will be patient, if work is in progress,

BTW I tried to use the F-droid package with a bakcup of an playstore installation. The import took “forever”, I interrupted it after 20mins. with the Playstore installation the import was finished after about 1-2 mins. But then I had to send chats from all the contacts to enable the missing contacts. 2 contacts existed, after the import, about 10 missed and 1 could not be paired again, still trying.