Jami web browser app


This project looks impressive and I will definitely want to contribute.

I have been thinking of making a similar peer to peer chat using a web app that runs either on browser or as a standalone web app using Web Storage API and a service worker. Has there been any plans or discussions about making a similar version of jami?

I was thinking that approach because I have understood that non-web apps can be easier to block and censor than web apps using nothing more than HTTPS. Please point me out if and how my thinking is flawed.

What is driving me to find alternative ways is the current trend of censoring and blocking websites and apps all over the world to advance various political and financial agendas. The last drop for me was Telegram blocking certain groups in certain countries arbitrarily. I believe we need a communication system for sharing out thoughts and discussing all kinds matters that can not be silenced.

I noticed that jami is written with python so this idea is quite far fetched and would require rewriting it with javascript.




Actually there have been some attempts but until now this idea has not been finished.

You can see some progress here: https://review.jami.net/q/project:jami-web+status:merged


About webapps, I would advise reading the Javascript trap.

If the intention is to overcome censorship, there might be more suitable tools than Jami. Personally, I have only been able to use one-to-one chat so far.


Thanks for the pointers!

Now Jami web is under development:

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Would this web client allow one to sign up to a Jami server or self host a Jami server and therefore always have a Jami client that is running on a server be online 24/7 to receive messages and will sync to your other devices?

If that is the case, I hope it is designed so that the server operator cannot read users messages, contacts, Jami IDs or any other metadata.

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I am looking for this. I wish this will come soon.