JAMI website popup prevents from downloading apk


I found a very annoying pop up on regular Android phone (Samsung series for example).
You click the link to diwnload the APP from Android store, and the JAMI website brings a pop up that is toooo large for a phone screen: the popup does not allow to move up or down the screen of the page so it is imposible to click ok or whatever to be redirected to the store.

see screenshot.

that brings a bad image from sich project and regular user dont want to try solving basic issue so they stop at this stage.

pkease think about the none-tech people!

could the website owner gix this?

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@lbogino When clicking “Try the Beta from Google Play”, the large popup prevent users from closing.

Hello, Rubus Chiladenus, as you see on the screenshot, the button does not appears and the pop-up prevents from scrolling-down on the regular phones such as mentionned Samsung series. :slight_smile: Alambik