Lack of notifications on iOS

When my friend sends me a message with Jami on his iphone (iphone XR, running latest iOS version), I immediately have a notification on Jami running on my phone running LineageOS.

When I send him a message, he is not notified. If he opens Jami, he is notified of my message only after sending me another message first. So I can’t reach him.

Is there some settings to be done so that he can be notified when I send him a message?


Sorry for the slow reply, and thanks for the report. I believe @kkostiuk is currently looking into this.

In my experience, an iOS notification does appear in the notification drawer, but it is completely silent. Regardless of how the notifications are configured, there is no way to get it to “make noise” or even pop up - you just have to check the notification drawer all the time.