Latest Android version 20220602-01 (332) crashes instantly

Has anyone else found that Version 20220602-01 (332) for Android crashes instantly upon launch?

I’ve had to downgrade to 331.

Steps taken:

  1. Ran upgrade within F-Droid - 332 crashed upon launch
  2. Uninstalled
  3. Installed 332 from .apk (cx.ring_332.apk) - crashed upon launch
  4. Uninstalled and downgraded to 331 using the .apk

Hardware & OS:
Amazon Fire 7 (9th generation)
Android 9 (I think)

Before posting a formal technical/bug report, it would be good to know if anyone else has experienced this.

Here on /e/OS that Jami version works fine…

The problem seems to have gone away, probably due to the fact that F-Droid is now showing version 335. No further explanation is evident.