Lingering online indicators

I know others have discussed this topic before, but I have some further questions on why the online status of a contact often remain green for a long time even though it surely isn’t online or even powered on.

Reasons would be that the dhtproxy continues to promote the account as online for 20 hours or so after the client registered, without actually knowing the real online status.

But often this is true even for accounts that have not been online for a whole week. There green bubble remains stuck. Is this a bug in dhtproxy?

Anyways, in the case where a client explicitly chooses to disconnect from the network by toggling the online status, why doesn’t it inform the dhtproxy so that it can immediately stop announcing the account? The 20 hour rule should not apply in that case.

I guess you mean the green dot?

The green dot actually isn’t a “real” online status:

And also mentioned here:

I knew it was something like that. I guess the purpose is so users can make assumption that if no green dot, it will be impossible to get through at the moment. And if there is a green dot, it might or might not work?

But even so there seem to be cases when the green dot is showing although it shouldn’t. Also can anyone confirm that when account or phone is switched off, the dhtproxy will be informed and stop announcing the account within 10 minutes?

A problem with that green indicator is that it is not reliable, whatever its exact meaning is (user status or device status). For instance, my wife is in a no signal area for two days but her username was still appearing as connected on my phone, even when I restarted Jami. I just rebooted the phone and her status disappeared.
I’ve found the PC version of Jami to be more reliable than the mobile one on that subject.