Linux Gnome desktop notifications tick up, not down


Has anyone else experienced this?

Behaviour: Desktop notifications tick up as unread messages arrive, but don’t reduce after the messages are read.

Debian 12
Gnome desktop
Jami - Version 202402141744 Eleutheria
Installed from Jami from official repository

Notifications from other applications (eg. Thunderbird) work faultlessly.

Before I raise a bug report, it would be good to know if anyone else has experienced this?

Many thanks.

Strangely, today the notifications have behaved properly. I have no idea why. I certainly made no changes.

I’ll keep an eye on it.

Spoke too soon. The problem has returned.


Further update.

I now know what the issue is. It seems that Jami does not cancel out the Gnome desktop notification after a message is read within it:

Jami notification in Gnome desktop2

To clear the notification one must do so in Gnome desktop:

Since there seems to be no way of changing this behaviour within Jami, I feel it is probably a bug.

I’ll delay reporting as a bug for a while, to allow anyone else to comment here first.