Linux - /snap/bin permission message when using paper-clip for attachment


I’m wondering if anyone else has received this message when using the paper-clip method of attaching files:



  • Click paper-clip icon in message box
  • Error message is immediately visible behind files window.

This error does not appear to affect file transfer in any way, but it is a nuisance.
The permissions on the folder seem correct:
Owner - root with rwx permissions
Everyone else - r-x permissions

The drag-and-drop method of attaching a file does not cause this error message to appear.

I’m wondering if this is a (very) minor bug?

This is related to snap and touch other applications as well. E.g. wormhole: permission errors when using files outside $HOME · Issue #10 · snapcrafters/magic-wormhole · GitHub

As the paper-clip/drag and drop will be outside your $HOME (in /tmp)

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