Local ntfy instance

Using open push protocol is nice feature. However using main ntfy.sh server seemed to be unreliable probably due to overloading.
But ever since I switched to local ntfy server, all Android devices (within the same local subnet) are unable to communicate at all. Android ↔ Linux ↔ Windows communication remained unaffected.
My local ntfy server is accesible by all affected devices but not from outside network.
Is there any specific setup needed? Does ntfy server need to be seen from outer network?

Have a nice day, folks.

:slightly_smiling_face:You need a DHT proxy in the same LAN, because default proxy (dhtproxy.jami.net) is unable to reach your ntfy instance.

You can use dhtnode command-line utility.

For version earlier than 2.6.0rc3, you need to pass --pushserver argument to enable push notifications.


Thank you, I’ll try that.