Looking for a setup guide for a purely local installation

Hi there,

I´ve been given the task to implement a solution to make video calls possible in a closed network enviroment (as in: no connection to the internet whatsoever). After reading a bit (and testing some basic things), I wondered if there is already a guide on how to set up and configure a server running the DHT and the clients which I just could´t find? :face_with_monocle:

I have tried reading the OpenDHT Wiki and it left me somewhat more confused than before. I´d rather avoid having to build everything from scratch (as I have no experience with compiling stuff).

So, I am looking for a complete step-by-step guide on how to set up jami in a purely local network enviroment.

My first test (installing “dhtnode” on Debian 10 and changing two of my jami-clients bootstrap adress to the FQDN of said debian machine - nothing else) failed - my two test machines could not talk to each other. I am pretty certain that I have not done everything necessary (or even the right tings) to got this to work and thats one of the reasons I´d appreciated a set-up guide…

Also, some people could call me “lazy” for wishing for a simple step-by-step guide and I would not call them wrong…
But I think, a well documented setup-guide would benefit more people than just me.


Hi @eVel,

For a purely local setup, you shouldn’t technically need to set anything up (DHT server or anything). If you select the option “auto connect on local network”, the Jami clients should automatically find eachother and make a contact request after some time.

But I agree, a set up guide for creating an openDHT node would be nice.

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Hi @wrycode,

If you select the option “auto connect on local network

Thanks, thats exactly what I hoped for! :partying_face:

I don´t know how we missed that option… :thinking:

I´ve chatted successfull and made a videocall - I am still missing sound and Video on one Surface but I assume that is an issue with the device.

Thank you a lot for the hint!


I think this site is pretty new. it’s about " Jams ",
if i’m correct,a project for rolling out private Jami networks.

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Hi @rtwin,
yea, this looks very good even for larger local setups:

JAMS is a server application used to enroll Jami clients into an Enterprise context.

I´ve just skimmed over it but it seems to be well written and comprehensable - thank you very much!