Mac option to change conversation colour

Hi. On Mac, outgoing chat bubbles are dark blue, hyperlinks are light blue, so can’t easily be seen.

Are there any plans to introduce the option to change chat bubble conversation colour as on mobile devices?


In the conversation’s settings there should be a color button

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Hmm. Thanks I’m not seeing that option though.

The only way I can see to access conversation info is to right click on recipient which just brings up an “information” box with username, id, QR code & swarm status.

I’m using App Store version (202210211501) which maybe doesn’t have all features.

Woah! Ok, I downloaded Jami from the website and there’s a whole bunch of additional features (including conversation colour).

Turns out the Mac App Store version is a bit limited.

So all resolved, thanks.

You can edit and delete messages!! I should’ve used the version available from the Jami website a long time ago…