Mark the status of message transmission more clearly

Sometimes I find it difficult to determine if my message has been successfully sent, but in reality, when I know that the message has failed to be sent, simply restarting the software or network may solve the problem.

But because I cannot confirm whether the message was successfully sent, I will spend a long time waiting for a reply.

This is embarrassing because my message was not sent out.

So should we consider making Jami’s information status flag more prominent?


Just like the ① sending failed, ② sending successful, and ③ sending in session chat


Hello @hkk,
Thank you for notifying us. :slight_smile:
This is one of the main issues we’re working on, as it makes Jami less reliable when messaging.
We should have improvements in the next updates which will inform the user when the message has been sent, received and read OR an alert if sending the message failed.

Jami Community Manager.