Message indicator spins perpetually

When sending messages, I frequently have messages whose indicator spins perpetually. I may even send another message and the subsequently ones will go through or not. Happens when the recipient is online or offline. Restarting the application doesn’t seem to resolve anything. I am on the latest verstion.
Any advice or insights? Thanks.

Not sure what platform you are using, but try toggle the connect/disconnect option off and on, see if it works (for both sender and receiver). I found that sometimes you thought you were connected, but you really weren’t.

Thanks for your reply.
IOS and Mac are the platforms in use. I see no toggle for connect or disconnect. Is there another setting that can be cycled for the effect of a refresh/reconnect?

I don’t have apple devices, just android and windows. Sorry cannot help you on this.

One more thing I would try is put the 2 devices in the same network, e.g. connect to the same wifi, see if it works.

If it works well in the same wifi, but not working when using mobile data, then it’s proof that you are having trouble establishing direct connection. I would suggest you turn on upnp option on your router and in your mac’s jami client.(assuming that your Mac connects to a wireless router).