Message Wrap in Chat window

I have recently (a few days ago) downloaded and installed the Jami Desktop version on Debian 11 and when I receive or send long messages within the chat window, the messages are not wrapped on the screen and therefore they are only partly visible. Some friends who installed it on their mobile say that they do not have the same issues on their mobile phone.

What version of Jami are you using? (And this question is relatedn but where do you installed Jami from? (from the debian repositories or from ?)

Maloya is the version I donwloaded
I installed it from

I also notice that the chat history does disappear (i.e. you can not scroll upwards in the chat history) even if you specified to keep the chat history for unlimited time in the settings.

Sorry, I installed it from the repositories as I was not able to install it from
But then I used the snap store version (Taranis) which seems to work correctly