Messages synchronized by wrong sequence

My English knowledge is poor,so i describe the question very simple.
To learn how to use jami, i created two accounts to create the conversation, because there are few people use jami in my country.
First, when i added a contact, and the contact agreed, but the conversation show that waiting synchronize information for a long time, my two accounts are online all the time, when i invite another to a swarm, the another joined and private conversation can be send messages. This is why?

Second, look at the attachment, messages synchronized by wrong sequence.

Third, to jami on PC, when delete received picture on local disk, it can not synchronize again? the originally message shows nothing, why not show deleted message? Also, sysnchronize the picture take too long time, although it’s size less than 100KB.

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I’ve open a bug report Messages sequence is incorrect (#1582) · Issues · savoirfairelinux / jami-client-qt · GitLab because I encountered the same problem.

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