Meta: Canned responses for the forum


There are a ton of responses I find myself repeating. If we can create a good list of common responses it will reduce the support burden for maintainers and volunteers. Also, tactful messages can keep from accidentally being too curt or offending users. We might be able to convince an administrator to install the plugin.

Avoid duplicating information that’s already in the wiki. Also, this is not the FAQ.

Go ahead and edit this post! If you are unsure of an edit, comment below, or add it with a signature and a place for people to respond.


Known bug

Thanks for taking the time to report this. I think this problem might already be known. Does this bug report match the problem you’re having?

User needs to give more details

Would you mind sharing a few more details about your setup? At the bare minimum, it’s good to share your OS (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux), your Jami version, and how you installed Jami.

not a substitute bug report template. this would be for issues where the user isn’t giving enough information to even make suggestions or decide whether a bug report is warranted

Please be patient

NOTE: the user will not see the title of the responses. The titles are just for selecting a response.

This is for those posts where the user expresses frustration. We need to remind the user about the nature of FOSS development and avoid criticizing them to make things worse. Maybe thank them for their feedback anyway.

Need full bug report

A full bug report would be helpful in this case. If you’re willing to help out and create a full report we have a guide here.

feature request

A feature request on the issue tracker would improve the chances of this being added. Are you willing to make a feature request on the issue tracker?

servers are optional; they can’t read your messages

messages do not get sent through google servers

sent messages don’t sync to linked device

build something with Jami; APIs

group chats

feedback appreciated

Android endless "Syncing data’ notification

This is a known issue that other Android users are having. If you have any details that might help resolve the bug, you could report them on our open issue.

The official wiki is editable by sending patches on Gerrit to the jami-docs repository. You can comment or PM me if you need help with this.

Hi Wrycode, Thanks a lot for your help in the Jami forum. It’s very appreciated.
As you asked, we installed the plugin “canned replies” and it’s now available in the menu for everybody.
It’s indeed a very good idea and it will be helpfull for all.
Best regards.

Great, thanks @Christophe. I can’t find the menu here, am I looking in the right place?


retry, should be fixed. :slight_smile:

Awesome, it’s fixed. I appreciate it.