Misleading 2 different settings menus

Would it be possible to move the account settings as well as media, messages and advanced settings in new categories under the regular settings in order to have one single and unified settings menu so the app UI/UX would not be misleading?
That is a simple suggestion, any way to unify those two different settings menus would be welcome.

Jami is so promising that it really deserves a simple and clean UI to make average users’ adoption possible and pleasant.

Thank you for your great work!


I see that nobody from Jami replied to this concern. Is it planned to address somehow this issue of having two different settings menus when all users would benefit from a unified settings menu?

no it’s not planned yet

But please feel free to open a feature request about it on one of the issue trackers on git.jami.net. :slight_smile:

edit: I was told that this already be reported, and indeed it seems so: