Multiple Bootstrap servers, DHT Proxies, TURN servers & STUN servers

You can only configure Jami to use one bootstrap server, one DHT proxy, one TURN server and one STUN server at a time. Please allow for multiple servers to be added at once for a more robust, decentralized configuration.

This way one can be connected to several servers of any kind.

bootstrap already supports multiple values, can be separated by a “;”

dhtproxy can have a configfile returning a list

more TURN server will just add useless candidates

I was not aware bootstraps and dhtproxies can have multiple entries. I would suggest making the UI more clear on allowing for multiple boostraps and dhtproxies

For the use case of multiple TURN servers, if some of your friends use a different TURN server than the one provided by Jami, you can still be connected to every one of your contacts without having to switch between TURN servers manually. It also helps make Jami with the TURN server connections more distributed and not centralized.

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you can learn more about STUN TURN servers and how do they work here: Stun Servers and Friends | Open Relay Project - Free WebRTC TURN Server (