My computer could've been compromised using Jami - beware

I’ve already mailed about the issue on official e-mail address but I want to get any answer as soon as possible so I post it here too.

15/03/2022 I needed to have online work meeting with my colleague, where I was supposed to share the screen to demonstrate some (non-secret) data.

I’ve decided to use Jami because of some problem with our corporate tool for meetings. I have installed Jami on my working computer.
The next day, according to my company’s System Administrator, my computer started to generate outcoming traffic (on behalf of Jami) wich in the end amounted to 100+ Gb and was stopped by turning my computer off (I wasn’t using it at the time). Destination IP-addresses were in France.

Now I’m under investigation, carrying by my company security service. They’re trying to find out what data has been uploaded.

Please, help to find out what has happened.

Sorry, but is there any support here? (

Never saw any similar issue.
And without knowing what is the data/the scenario it would probably be a guess.

The only realistic thing I can think of would be where the exponential backoff was wrong causing the DHT node to ping in loop (and the amount will be quickly high (and UDP packets)), moreover if it’s in an enterprise network (as it can more likely block things)

So probably already fixed.

Unfortunately, I can’t say what was the incoming data (because now I don’t have neither the computer nor any sniffing/traffic logging tool on it). Will ask sysadmin for details to compare with mentioned issue

Last year, I had the same issue using Jami on Android.
And I remember that there was a ticket from another user having the same problem:
I also fear that maybe Jami could got hacked - although there are many other possible explanations, too.

Another issue that seems to be related:

IMHO it could be possible that Jami is used to steal files from their users. At least this would explain the big uploads. Until it is proved that this is not the case or until the security issue is fixed if this is the case, Jami should not be used anymore by anyone and possible users should be warned about it.

I just read the following informations (but from 2019!):

[…] While the Android client does not appear to leak files (none that I could find) the Mac version saves files sent to you in your user Library. This makes this app insecure for anyone using the Mac version or sending to someone else who is.

Not sure if it’s related to this topic.

This is about leaking files to other applications on the same system. It is not about data (files?) that is transferred over the internet unless you do not have any other program on your Mac that saves the file in the cloud etc.

Ok, I have to apologise. I read the GitHub issue 575 of opendht again and at least for my problems with big uploads it seems to be the explanation of the issue.
So it is not as dramatic as I thought.
One question remains: Is the issue caused by the same mechanism as the other one?
It is in the backlog, so the developers seems to have an idea how to fix it. Not like that was closed because of too less data.