My friends voice sounds like a robot, how to fix that?

My friends voice sounds like a robot, how to fix that?

What os and version(s) are you (and your friend) using?

Maybe you have this issue:

Windows 11. Taranis.
my friend: Windows 10. Taranis.

My friend hears me good, but i hear only a robotic electricity type sound. My speakers work.
Even the incoming call music is with that same sound.
i tried reinstalling and going to a beta version, but the same thing happens.
what is happening. i need it to work today or i will need to use Jitsi Meet.

Does it work if you / or both of you use “Voicemeeter Banana”?

See the issue mentioned on Gitlab:

((system):You select Sound Output Device “VoiceMeeter Input”. Set the default audio device(VoiceMeeter Input). )
Jami: If you now select output device “primary sound driver” everything works.

Tutorial for Voicemeeter Banana:

my friend doesnt want to download that.
i hope that you will fix this someday and i hope that jitsi meet is private enough.
ill still use jami, cuz it works with others than my friend, but i have to use jitsi for this meeting

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Hi @Ahmatti08,

Have you made sure that the correct input/output devices are selected in Jami? (meaning, whether Jami is using the right microphone on your friend’s side and the right speaker/headphone on your side?)

Also, would you be able to collect and share some logs from Jami, per the bug report guide? I wonder if @atraczyk might have idea as to what may be happening here.