No audio output to connected bluetooth speaker

All in the title. Running Maloya on iOS 14.5 . Have bluetooth speaker connected to the iPhone, but no way to have Jami stream the audio to the bluetooth speaker, it keeps using the iPhone speaker.
Ps : i tried the same setup on my macbook Air (MacOs Mojave) and am having the same problem…

On iOS Jami uses auto devices defined in phone Settings(it is in the Accessibility->Touch->Call Audio Routing). When Call Audio Routing set to Automatic it will use an iPhone speaker.
For macOS audio devices could be selected in Jami audio preferences or directly in the call.

oh interesting ! Will try this out for sure…

well, had a chance to try it out. It doesn’t work. The bt speaker was linked to the iphone, but in the settings you mentioned i had the choice between speaker and bluetooth headphone (the speaker was a bt one, there was no headphone involved here)… I tried both and it kept the iphone speakers… So did anyone even manage to output audio to an external bt speaker ? I believe this is a Jami bug…

Yes, it works for me when the call audio routing device set to bluetooth headphones. But I am using an external bluetooth speaker with a microphone. Could you tell what model of bluetooth speaker you are using?

Ultimate Ears megaboom 3

I think it is related to using an external bluetooth speaker without a microphone. But now I do not have one to confirm it. Could you open an issue at

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