No invitation received?

What can I do to get a 2nd time an invitation? I have 2 phones in front of me and invited each other, the invitation never was received. So I removed the contact (but did not block it) and tried again.

I tried a lot and could not get it working at the end. Once I could confirm, but then the download of the new conversation was not synced.

So what can I do to accept each other. I have both android phones in front of me and know both passwords.

I think this is a bug because of the android client of Jami.

Will be fixed by the developers?
You can check Gitlab:

So there is no workaround at the moment? Not sure, if removing a contact helps, it did sometime.

Maybe there is a spam-protection if you are adding too much contacts? I am setting up 10 android-phones now for the family, and at the moment all have the same IP-address.

BTW, with Ubuntu 20.04 it helped a lot to use the download from the homepage and overwriting the repo-installation. I had to change the username then, but this is not a real problem.

Looks like a few phones / accounts have a lot more problems than others. It are always the same phones where I get errors, where others have none. Seems to be crazy. Deleting the account at 1 phone and trying the next day can help, maybe it is luck.

Raspberry accounts work worst. Inviting from a Raspberry to an android phone can work, the other way it never worked.