No Notifications in IOS 16.5.1

I am a tech savvy user so I have indeed scoured the settings for anything that might of helped but still no. I have background app refresh on, my notifications are on, the Jami notification toggle is on, double checked background data usage even tried restarting the phone but still nothing. Also messages are not sending sometimes on my desktop (yes I’m texting myself on my phone shhhh) I’m texting and some of the messages don’t go through some of the time there just showing with a hollow blue circle next to it and I cant even read it cause its not sending to my phone, and not even texting back brings them up I need to call then it will show up.

All the users I know of have issues with IOS. I believe there is no method to really allow apps to run in the background.

Maybe there is some variance in the task management behavior of different iOS versions… ?

  • Description of Simplex method, which could be used for comparison / diagnostic purposes:

“You need to choose notifications mode – instant or periodic push notifications, or periodic background refresh that does not use push notifications. To deliver the notifications to iOS devices we use our notification server, as there is a single private key that Apple issues for the app. For periodic notifications to work the app has to be in the background – if the app is completely stopped (removed from recent apps), it will not check the new messages and you will not receive notifications. Instant notifications work even when the app is completely stopped.”