Noise Suppression

Like Discord has so that people dont hear your keyboard or even just a noise filter

Hi @gsfdgfdsfgdsgfdsgfsd,

Sorry for the slow reply. Jami already has echo-cancellation, but there may certainly be room for further improvement in the audio/media stack.

I/we did look into this a few months ago (cf jami-daemon#621 and and experimented with setting additional parameters for pulseaudio’s echo-cancel module, in particular instructing it to use its ‘webrtc’ echo canceller with parameters like noise_suppression=1 and voice_detection=1, but found the basic echo cancellation to not perform as well with the new settings, and so decided to stick with pulseaudio’s default echo cancellation parameters for the time being since they seemed to perform better, and revisit this later into the future.

If you and/or others knowledgeable about echo cancellation – particularly the webrtc echo canceller – would be able and willing to look into this and help further improve things, patches are always welcome and appreciated. :slight_smile: