Number/contact directory for SIP

We’re looking at using Jami as a softphone client on ubuntu so our team can make/receive calls from their computers. Is there a way to import a directory of all the phone numbers of our colleagues so we can search by name rather than needing to know their extension/number?

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Can anyone help with this query at all? Is it best to import contacts as vCalendar Files to the system files?

I am only using Windows so I can’t help.

I guess developers such as @sblin can answer this question.

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Possible alternative:

Linphone does not import remote SIP phone books but can import contacts from your phone’s address book and automatically tag the contacts who have created an account on free SIP service.

a.k.a. “address book integration or synchronisation


NextCloud supports SIP, and the Contacts app supports a user directory. [ “the system address book containing all users on the instance” ]

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