On boarding Setup Process

I think this kind of on boarding setup will be more user friendly for anyone to get started on Jami, understand how Jami works and have the user backup their accounts.

  • After you choose a username, password, name and profile pic it will ask you to make a backup of your account and explain to store this file in a secure place and that it is needed to recover your account and should not be lost.
  • Have the first page of the creating a Jami account explain to the user to read the following steps carefully to ensure your account is not forever lost. And to proceed to step 2 which is to choose a username, to have to check off a box saying “I understand” and then it will enable the “Next” button to proceed. I think this will reduce the likelihood of people singing up to Jami quickly and not reading over the important steps
  • Have the username page clearly state that you cannot change your username once you have chosen a username.
  • Have this Jami account setup process on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS clients.
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