On Screen Keyboard not working

I am using a laptop with a dodgy keyboard, keys T and Y don’t work since I accidentally spilled water into it. To overcome this, most of the time I use a wireless USB keyboard. If I’m out and about, I use an “On Screen Keyboard” to get the missing keys.

Ubuntu 22.04 has an On Screen Keyboard which is activated via the Accessibility options.

Today I needed the On Screen Keyboard but I found that although it works just fine in other applications, it fails to appear when using Jami. QT related ??

The fact that I am stupid enough to throw water into my keyboard will be low on Jami’s priority list, however the accessibility options were not put there for me, they were put there for people with accessibility issues.

Is this a bug ? Probably but not necessarily in Jami.

This may go some way to explaining it:

I am using Jami version 202212201555 as installed by Snap.

I’m still using X11 rather than Ubuntu 22.04’s default Wayland, this is because Wayland has difficulty screen sharing in Zoom.

i’m on ubuntu 22.04 X11, screen keyboard (from the accessibility menu in the OS settings) is working (both for snap and outside snap)

I think I should try the on screen keyboard in a QT application other than Jami. Can anybody suggest one that is small, simple, innocuous ?

A little bit of DuckDuckGoing showed me I already have another QT application installed, “VLC”.

VLC is behaving in exactly the same way as Jami, the On Screen Keyboard fails to appear.