OpenDHT and privacy: tracking prevention

Information about dht usage in tox from

What is stopping people from tracking me through the public DHT?

Tox generates a temporary public/private key pair used to make connections to non-friend peers in the DHT. Onion routing is used to store and locate Tox IDs, to make it more difficult to, for example, associate Alice and Bob together by who they are looking for in the network.

This text shows that dhts like opendht offer the possibility of tracking users - and that special countermeasures are necessary and possible to prevent this. What does Jami look like? Are the necessary countermeasures against tracking via the dht applied? Or are there technical differences so it is not necessary to implement them?


Unfortunately Jami isn’t designed as a Friend-to-Friend software, so they aren’t implemented.

Does this mean that you can track Jami users through the DHT? Isn’t it possible to implement countermeasures that are working for non-friend-to-friend software?

I mean that friend-to-friend softwares should implement countermeasures. Friend-to-Friend softwares should support anonymous communication between peers who do not trust one another.