Outgoing SIP calls drop after less than one minute


I am using an OVH SIP account.

Outgoing calls to another OVH SIP account or to a landline are dropped after 33s with the latest version of Jami from F-Droid running on LineageOS and after 14s with Jami on Trisquel 9 (Ubuntu-based but removing any option to add non-free software) from the Trisquel repository, dated 2020-03-24. This is 100% reproducible.

Incoming calls don’t have that problem.

Any idea what the issue could be and how to solve it?

2020-03-24 is too old, use a recent one. We provide packages there: https://jami.net/download-jami-linux/

The problem occurs with 20201222-01 on LineageOS 17.1-20211019-NIGHTLY-lavender

EDIT: I tried with 2021-01-15 22:14:51 UTC on Trisquel, the outgoing calls are now dropped after 32s instead of 14s before. 100% reproducible as well.

In this case, open a bug report with logs https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/ring-project/-/wikis/tutorials/Bug-report-guide#logs