Own_server (migrate)

Is it possible to transfer user indicators to my own server?

What do you mean by user indicators?


I don’t really understand what you mean, but you are maybe looking for Jams https://jami.biz/?

I use ordinary Jami, I have Identity issued to me when registering an account. But I used a public storage server for Hash, can I raise my server and move your Identity there?

I don’t understand why you are talking about servers here. Ordinary Jami is just a client on your device. When you register for a new identity, your identity is stored on your computer.

If you create a username it is stored on ns.jami.net.

Link: https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/jami-project/-/wikis/tutorials/Frequently-Asked-Questions#account-8

By default, a username is registered on ns.jami.net where you can’t modify the Jami ID associated to this username. So, if you delete or if you lost your account you will not be able to retrieve this username, ever. Nobody will be able to recreate an account with the same username.

Actually you can have 5 (different) servers:

[…] but while servers are not required, they are still used in five specific cases: push notifications, the OpenDHT proxy, bootstrap, name server, and TURN


The bootstrap, TURN, and name servers can all be configured in the advanced Jami parameters and users can use their own if they wish.

This topic should answer some of your questions:

Pretty exhaustive!