Please answer a few questions.

Hello and welcome to the entire Jami community. I am a new user of this great project. I try to use P2P technology as much as possible. I found out that Jami is a P2P communicator, unlike Telegram, it is fully decentralized, which I like very much. I would like to help sitting in some way. I read that for the Jami network to work, nodes are needed, i.e. devices that process messages in the P2P network. I have a home server that could host Jami’s public node and support the network. I have windows 7 installed there but the documentation can’t get node to work. Could I ask for a detailed instruction on what software is needed and what should I do to run such a node?
I also have a few questions about the functioning of the Jami messenger, which I would like to answer :slight_smile:

  1. Is Jami fully decentralized and no centralized nodes?
  2. Can anyone become a validator on the Jami network? (of course I mean keeping the web free :slight_smile:
  3. I have read that nodes are divided into public and non-public. Is it possible to run a node that will serve my private and public connection?
  4. If I connect two devices with an ethernet cable on which Jami programs are installed and turn them on, will I have end-to-end communication?
  5. Does running a public node require a powerful device?
  6. Is the Jami communicator itself a node or just a receiver or transmitter?

Thanks in advance for your answer and help from others :slight_smile: