Please, return ability to copy-paste URLs from chat


After one of the latest updates of the desktop version of Jami for Linux I noticed that I am no longer able to copy received URLs into clipboard. For most of URLs I noticed that I still can select a URL as text and copy it from context menu, but some of them are displayed as previews, and there is no way to copy such URL without opening it.

I always check URLs before opening them, and there are some URLs which I explicitly do not want to open in my default browser, so this change is inconvenient for me. For the time being, I will try to replace the browser with a dummy bash script pseudoapplication in ~/.config/mimeapps.list as a workaround…

Also, I noticed long ago that the desktop version of Jami always add a whitespace at the end of copy-pasted URLs.

And is there an option to disable loading of previews for URLs? I feel like this feature may have some security implications.

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I just found out, that jami-gnome somehow upgraded to jami-qt. Installing the jami-gnome back solved the problem for me, but it still persists in the jami-qt.