Problem utilizing local discovery

I need two Android clients to communicate directly using the “local discovery” feature. To try this out, I enable “local discovery” on both clients and then disable dhtproxy and TURN. I also cleared the bootstrap address, but after a while it was automatically reset to so I had to put a fake address there to be sure that an Internet path is not used.

Even so, it seems that clients are only able to send and grant contact request if the router has Internet access. Otherwise the local account won’t be presented as online/green.

How is that possible since I cleared all bootstrap and dhtproxy settings? Internet connection shouldn’t make a difference. Or does the daemon have an implicit way of connecting to the jami network that doesn’t show through the settings?

The bootstrap is only used when no known nodes is stored. So if some nodes are known a bootstrap change will not disconnect the node from the previous network as a routing table is syncing. Also the default if empty is

OK so what I had in mind is not possible? I was thinking a certain account that doesn’t use DHT despite being able to access the Internet. That would only have a list of peer addresses that was built by “local peer discovery”. And could only be contacted by such peers.

I thought calling peers found by local peer discovery worked like standard flow but having skipped the procedure where ICE candidates were exchanged over DHT.