Problem With notifications and With audio in AudioCall or VideoCall

Hello to everyone, I’m using jami on my android Phone and on my windows desktop PC, when i try to contact myself with text message from pc to android i don’t receive the notification on my phone, but the message arrive, the notification of the text message doesn’t work on andorid and on the PC, infact if i try to send a message from android to the desktop i don’t receive the notification on my PC, and this is the first problem, the second problem is that when i try to call or videocall from android to pc the notification doesn’t work on my PC but if i open manually the application on the desktop i see the call or video call incoming, if i try to call or video call from pc to my phone it works, the notification of the call or videocall arrive on my phone, finally the last problem thath i have is that when i’m in video call or call with my self between pc and phone the microphone from the computer works and i can listen the audio from my phone but the microphone from the phone doesn’t work and i can’t listen the audio from the pc. How can i solve this kind of problems? I ask for your help please.

Maybe you can get the logs and report the issue using Gitlab:

(Just remove / replace personal informations like your ID)

Hello @fabiosuper
Would you be able to share the logs with us?

Jami Community Manager