Profile and display name not shown on mobile clients


I have created an account with a username and I have set a profile picture and name on my desktop client. On my desktop client, the list of people (I don’t know whether it is list of contacts or list of conversations or this is the same) only shows the profile name and picture set by my contacts. When I select a contact, in the upper right part, I see the contact profile name and, smaller, the username just below using a smaller font.

In the Android client (running on Replicant 6.0 0004rc5), I see my own profile name and picture but form my contacts, I only see the username and no picture. The situation is the same for my family members on whose mobile phone I installed Jami and this is confusing enough for them not to use Jami.

Is there a way to have the display and profile name of contacts appear in the Android and iOS clients (same situation on my mother’s phone)?


Per this FAQ entry, avatars are currently only transferred when an audio or video call is established. I believe there may be work under way to change/improve things relating to avatars, but to my knowledge it’s still not ready and has not been merged.

As such, have you ever placed a Jami call on those mobile devices with those accounts? If yes, and if there are still no avatars, please open an issue on the respective client project repo’s bug tracker on, ideally following the bug report guide to provide more details.

Thanks for the quick reply and pointing to the FAQ.

I was referring to the display name, not to the avatar (which to me means the picture only, and in, display name is listed separately from avatar).

I tried between Android and iOS and the display name was synchronized on Android but not on iOS (my contact has no profile picture). My profile picture was already synchronized on iOS before but I can’t remember when it happened.

During the call, on the iOS device, my avatar is shown but the text below is the very long ID, not my user name. Ok, I’ll make a bug report.

EDIT: I tried a call from the desktop app (on Trisquel 9, using the latest version from Jami repository) to iOS, now the display name and the avatar are synchronized and the display name is shown during the call instead of the ID, also when making a call from Android.

So it seems the synchronization isn’t working between Android and iOS, while it is working between desktop and iOS, so is that to be reported as an Android client bug? That said, since all my family members have iphones, I am unable to test between Android devices.

Cheers, and thanks to you for investigating and providing more details.

It would indeed be great if you could open issue(s) in the relevant bug tracker(s) on with all of these details, to help make sure the other Jami devs see and can keep track of them as well.