Protest, Protest, Protest, I'm getting sick and tired!

I’m beginning on the Mac version, that had been extremely difficult in the past. Some one++ week ago, there had been a major update, appearing as a major advance to me, roughly the same design and functionality as the one for Windows, as being described >>here<<.

But this lasted only for a few days, then the next update was indicated, and oh shock and oh horror, seemingly I committed a terrible mistake by allowing it to be installed, even shortly before an appointed conversation. Then it appeared once again in the old fashion outfit, with probably a little improvement in stability, at least the incoming call rang and could be taken with a mousecklick, instead of the more common crash of the app, followed by restarting it calling back. Coincidently this had been an appointed conversation, therefore I could assume who the caller must have been, in any other case I could only have guessed, and tried to ask via email…

Okay, I’m taking it as my own failure, to allow an update at any time, without being able to test if it really is working or not. But sorry, if not… …oh yes of corse, I must take as my own failure too, not having downloaded and archived with each update the same version from the website too, if that one really is the same, to be able to reverse any update, for the case that such one could turn out to be a downdate or disimprovement, or what ever it could be called.

Back to my conversation, I really could take the call with a single mouseclick on such a green button, but then was unable to transmit neither my camera nor my screen. We tried once or twice with hanging up and calling again, as well with terminating and restarting the app on both sides, but nothing changed. Then I asked to wait a minute or two, while I was switching and plugging over to the Windows machine, what had worked very well so far. But guess what, I sadly had allowed there an update too, what made me unable to even start up the app, once again, im taking this sloppyness on my own responsibility. After twice or thrice that minute or two, I had switched and plugged back over to the Mac, calling back my partner from there, who thankfully had still been waiting for me. We finally could have the conversation with audio only, and some of my texts could be sent via email, probably with hidden CC to all US-American three letter agencies, the great dictator of Canada and his housemate, and the Mossad and the Vatican, and something being actually known as Azov-Battalions, or who ever else.

The next day I removed both apps from both machines, downloaded and reinstalled them once again from the website, firstly with exactly the same result. After a very short time, there was an update indicated on the Mac, that I allowed to be installed, what seems to be the actual version, and its design turned back into the better one, roughly the same as in Windows. Then I checked the audio settings, what brought me to the conclusion that these have been downgraded to what at best should be called Monkey-Mode. I’m meaning that only certain microphones can be selected as the audio source, only such that are only made for skyping or zooming or jaming, no other is appearing in the selection, as already described >>here<<. As if this wouldn’t be enough, the resting system audio volume is being turned very low, resulting in inability of transmitting any audio from any media source. With this, it’s suitable only for cackle, chatter, chattering, gibberish, jabber, cackling, quacking, or in other words, only for unsubstantiated entertainment. This can’t have anything to do with technical difficulties, had been okay in the version that lasted only for a few days, with the same openness for any audio source, as being very well known in Windows.

Please allow and forgive me the following questions: What is wrong here? Could it be thinkable that serious software developers are messing around this much with the simplest version control? Are the current audio selection restrictions not an additional effort, that must have been done for some good reasons? Could it really be a goal of any truth movement, to be oriented on some kind of beer can culture, at the cost of the entire rest? Is this not an adoption to what is sadly been called political correctness? Has anybody already guessed why I’m calling this Monkey-Mode? Can such an organisation be taken seriously, or better be considered to be a trap? Has it been founded as such one, or later been taken over by some great dictator, or other parts of some kind of deep state, or who ever else?

Now once again over to the Windows machine. The app can be started after the folder that contains the account and conversation data had been deleted (…[user]\AppData\Local\jami), what has to be done subsequently after every failed attempt to install an existing account. Then I tried to reinstall a first one from the backup file, what failed, then I tried the transmission from the Mac, what lucked at least with a certain single one, but failed with a second or another one. I guess that the difference between the two could be found in the selection of the ringtone, as must be a custom one on the mac, for the reason that there is no default one installed. After having transferred the account to Windows, the selected audio file can’t be found, what is terminating the app while loading the accounts, could at least be a thinkable reason. Okay, then let’s select the none existing default ringtone on the Mac, then transfer the account to the Windows machine with this setting, sounds at least like a good idea. But the problem is, that when on the Mac already a custom ringtone has been selected, there is no way to any deselection, neither reselction to a none existing default one. It’s not enough to turn off the associated switch, isn’t changing anything, with the final result that the usability of such an account in Windows has gone lost.

Sorry for my final Questions: How much additional time should be waisted for such things in the Future? Is there any hope, that it could once become what is being introduced on the website? Is there really any perspective? Is anybody understanding now, why I’m getting sick and tired?

Please accept that I’m not trying to hurt anybody, but only to be honest, even if it hurts…

…thänks in advance for the same respect.

Let’s hope for a sustainable future :face_vomiting: :cry: :weary: