Received Indicator & Re-sending

Due to Jami being a P2P messenger. It would be user friendly on all clients on all OSes to be able to have a received indicator on a message when the message was received on the recipient(s) devices. This way the sender will know if the message made it to the recipient(s).

And maybe for the ability to re-send a message that was not received and to have settings on how often to try and re-send a message that was not yet received by the recipient(s).

When I been testing Jami, I find when I change my IP address using a VPN and then send a message, it will take a few minutes since the recipient IP address has changed and it takes a few minutes for their IP address to be updated in the DHT. Sometimes the message is never received and to have a re-send option and a setting in the client to choose how often to try and re-send messages will be useful when running Jami in the background.

With further testing, it will seem the desktop version has a ‚Äúsending indicator‚ÄĚ which is a circle next to the message if the message has not been received by the recipient yet, not sure how this work with group conversations. This ‚Äúsending indicator‚ÄĚ is not on Android and I do not know if it is on iOS or not.

On the desktop client, if you send a message and the ‚Äúsending notification‚ÄĚ is present on the message and you close Jami on the desktop client and the launch Jami again, the ‚Äúsending notification‚ÄĚ will be gone and show that the message has been sent/received even if the recipient Jami client is closed or stopped and cannot receive any messages at that time.


I think the ‚Äúsending indicator‚ÄĚ is a good idea instead of a received indicator, however it needs to be on all devices such as Android and iOS if it is not on iOS, and if you close or kill Jami and relaunch it, the ‚Äúsending indicator‚ÄĚ needs to still be present on messages that were not received by the recipients. Also not sure how this will work in groups since in a group of three for example, a message that was sent by Bob could be received by James but not received by Daniel. Also a re-send settings and the option to force re-send a message should be added.

All of this will make the UI easy for the user to understand weather their messages have been received or not no matter what client the user is using.

I think newer versions should have indicators:

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