Removing Google Connection for Fonts

On the main jami_net website, at least one connection is being made to Google Fonts.

It appears that a Google Font is linked from your website’s

"In the past, Google hasn’t been particularly known for being the most prudent company when it comes to data privacy and user data.

The issue with Google Fonts is that if a website operator decided to dynamically embed the free fonts onto their website, the IP address of every website visitor will be transmitted to Google servers.

Legally speaking, the IP address represents personal data if it can be traced back to an actual person. Therefore, personal and customer data is indeed being stored on Google servers."

Learn how to self-host a Google Font:

“Yes, it is absolutely 100% legal, and in fact, Google specifically mentions (and even recommends) to use self hosted Google fonts.”

Alternatively, look into a privacy-friendly provider for hosting Fonts:

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