Requesting something like a jami-account reset at the server

With the last android phone and jami (fresh phone install with Android 12) I have so much troubles, where removing the contact and trying again after hours doesn’t help like before.

A few(!) times I was forced to accept an account update, afterwards all contacts were vanished.

Befor jami wanted to make an update, I could add most contacts, at least after removing the contact and trying the next day again. There were 3-4 (changing) connected accounts which I never setup, so I deleted all and after deleting they appeared again, a.s.o. I had to remove them a few times, till they didn’t show up.

Now I am hoping that some day the invitation works. There are 2 phones in front of me in the same WIFI-network,

So I am asking for an option, to reset the server information for an account, so that it is possible to start from the beginning, like after creating a new account.

For me it looks like the server need sometimes a very long time to sync with new accounts, can take over 24hrs. A few minutes later with another new account pairing it could work perfectly in the same network. After the contacts are paired, I didn’t notice a lot troubles,

There is no server storing the account. It’s just your phone.

I know that it works peer by peer, but is there really no other server involved? AFAIR there is a blockchain, which stores the password.

I have so strange problems, so I am guessing there is something outside of the 2 Jami applications.

As I understand there is a TURN-server, no idea if this makes me problems. I changed to situation, that 1 android phone connects via Wifi and the 2nd to mobile Internet. This helped a lot, but not every time.

So can I do more than to remove the contact on both android phones? Adding the contact again after a few days it is not the same as pairing a new contact. The avatar is shown, this does not happen with a new contact.

Assuming, that 2 android phones started Jami. 1 phone shows the other account as online, the other not. It also can happen that a switched off phone is shown after hours, sometimes a day. I understand that pairing cannot work if both phones are not shown as online.

It’s explained here:

Thanks for this link, I knew it already. At the end my question is, how can I pair 2 accounts, where I have full access including password to both accounts. It can happen, that I never see an invituation, but it can happen too, that I see the invitation and it is confirmed on the phone, but the other phone is never synced.

Note the 2 phones are in front of me and it can be that it works without problems with another account on the same phone.

At the moment the most critical configuration is 1 android phone and 1 account with a raspberry pi400. In the meantime I got 80% of the paring working, trying hard for weeks. I try and try and try and someday it could work. No idea what I can do to get some important pairings work.