Reverb effect for music videolessons

Hello, I’m new to Jami and I thank all for this software. I believe that a reverb effect would be very useful. Many people use VOIP/video-call software for online music lessons. Without a reverb effect it is very difficult, because the sound is very very poor.

I play violin and viola, and with a good microphone it is possible to have good results, but it is always necessary to apply a reverb filter, because at home in a small room the sound is terrific if recorded without a (little) reverb effect.

Would be possible to have a reverb effect on Jami?

It would be appreciated and could bring Jami to become a very interesting solution for onlline music lessons.

Sorry for my bad English.

Best regards,


Good morning Sthepanie74,

First of all, we appreciate your proposition!
On the last release, we introduced a plugin system to Jami. However, for the moment we only support plugins for video and we are still working our ideas for audio and messages.
We will consider your reverb effect functionality for a new plugin!

Best regards,