Screen sharing in group video confrence

Is screen sharing possible in group video conferences? I tried it and I can’t get it to work.

Which OS do you use?

It might be an issue.

But if you are using desktop you can bypass this by using a virtual cam like OBS.

multiple: linux, windows, android

linux, windows: Use a virtual cam (for example: OBS)

Android: I don’t have a solution.

Maybe you can get the logs (remove personal informations like your ID and these of your contacts) and report this issue using Gitlab:


Virtual cam??? OBS??? Sounds not for a noob looking for a “just works” solution. I consider myself not newbie and I’ve never done anything like a “virtual cam”.

I’ll try to look at the logs.

thanks by the way! (not here just to complain :scream:)

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Screen sharing should work. If it’s not working it’s a bug (there is a dedicated button in the view) and in this case, can you provide more information

@mst I just wanted to add: You mean “screen” sharing NOT window sharing?

Window sharing is not possible on Android, but on Desktop window sharing issues have been reported:

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