Screen sharing (or anything for that matter) not documented

From FAQ:

How can I share my screen?
During a call, right-click on the correspondence screen.
Select the “Screen Sharing” option.
Your screen is now shared.

  • what is ‘correspondence screen’?
  • right-clicking anything does not bring any “Screen Sharing” option
  • can’t there be just a button? right-click is awful for discovereability

Hi @msuchanek, which client are you using? It works for me on the GNOME client for Linux. Just right click during a video call (on the video of the other person). I don’t know if it works yet on Jami for Windows.

Jami is going through big changes right now, so not everything on the website is completely up-to-date. If you think of improvements to the software or the documentation you can also open issues on :grinning:

So again - what is ‘correspondence screen’? As said, there is absolutely no documentation so all I could do was randomly clicking some elements in the UI, and none of them provides an option to share desktop.

And again, why do I have to right-click some element? Why can’t there be an easy to discover UI element such as a button?

What is GNOME client? I do not see any offered, and I would not use it as I do not run GNOME. I tried the .deb and .rpm packages and neither offers the option as far as I can tell.

‘correspondence screen’ is the video of the other person.

You are running the GNOME client on Linux (it’s really a GTK client). There is also a QT client but it’s not available as a package yet.

It looks like your issue is a duplicate of so the developers know about it and will work on it when they can. Thanks for bringing the FAQ wording to our attention :slight_smile:

Remember that most of the developers are from Quebec so they speak French natively and the English translations are not always 100% perfect.