Seed Phrase Accounts

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero allow you to backup/restore a seed phrase of 12, 24, 25 words which allow you to have essentially unlimited addresses.

I would like to purpose having the option to have a seed phrase account which the user will create, backup and restore a 24 word phrase which will allow the user to have multiple Jami IDs with one account. The user will still be able to backup/restore their account as a file with a password and this file will be storing additional information with a seed phrase account such as blocked Jami IDs.

The usecase for this is privacy, and to eliminate spam for good in Jami.

How it will work

Lets say you have two Jami accounts on your device, Account 1 is a seed phrase account and Account 2 is a regular Jami account with one Jami ID.

  • When you are in Account 1, you can generate a new address and give it a label (For example: Friends, Family, Steve, John, etc).
  • In Account 1, when you go to share your Jami ID as a string or a QR code, you will need to choose which Jami ID to share
  • In Account 1, you will have the option to manage your Jami IDs. Options include to change the label on an Jami ID, weather to enable/disable a Jami ID, the profile name and profile picture to be displayed with the Jami ID.

When a Jami ID is disabled, you will not receive any messages, conversation requests or calls from that Jami ID.

The labels will be saved in the account and when you make a backup of your account, it will backup the Jami IDs, the label with the Jami ID and the profile name and profile picture with each Jami ID.

Your seed phrase account will have a default profile name and profile picture, when you generate a new Jami ID, it will use your default profile name and profile picture. You can change any of your Jami IDs profile picture and profile name to something else. Later on you can remove the changed profile name and profile picture back to your default profile name and picture if you like.

This iancoleman bip39 is a good example on how it will work under the hood. A seed phrase can generate millions of addresses and all of this can be done without a server or blockchain.

Privacy And Spam

This feature will essentially bring the functionality of SimpleLogin or Anonaddy into Jami. By allowing the user to have as many Jami ID “aliases” as they want with one account and with the ability to enable/disable a Jami ID, spam can be eliminated for good since if a Jami ID leaked out on the dark net and that Jami ID was then prone to many annoying conversation requests and calls, the user can simply disable the Jami ID and no more spam!

Also by generating a Jami ID on the fly, a user could have a different Jami ID for every contact they know. They could have a Jami ID for Bob, Another Jami ID for Steve, another Jami ID for a group of friends you know, another Jami ID for family. You can have a unique Jami ID for strangers to protect your main Jami ID or other Jami IDs from strangers.

The useful part of this feature is that users could backup their accounts on paper by writing down the seed phrase, however when recovering their accounts with only a seed phrase, they will not recover their address labels and weather an address is enabled or disabled and other details like account names and account pictures.