Self-destructive messages

As the title suggests, the request is for a feature present in most existing messengers. You have the option of defining how long a self-destructive message will last.

Hi @Alice! There has been some discussion about features like this in the issue trackers:

The developers seem open to working on this feature but right now there are higher priorities like the upcoming group chats.

In my opinion self destructing messages are not ok unless both parties consent. For this reason I think ephemeral conversations are ok where both people agree, but you should not be able to send a self-destructing message or message redactions to any random contact.

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Great! The group feature is more important than self-destructive messages for now.

I agree. It is a very welcome privacy and security feature, because, as you know, it helps to delete the message history daily (thinking about the timer in 1 day).

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