Self hosted - can not search users

Brothers and Sisters. I have installed jams server, testing with native jami client for linux. I can login to created account, but can not search other accounts with some kind of authentication issue.
How can i trace this issue deeper ? Can. not find any helpful information on server level.
Connection is plain http - dont use SSL (i think its not related).

[1660052117.178|0x70000e185000|server_account_manager.cpp:531 ] [Search] Got request callback with status code=0

[1660052117.231|0x10dcb2dc0|server_account_manager.cpp:525 ] [Search] Searching user jahn at

[1660052117.231|0x10dcb2dc0|server_account_manager.cpp:245 ] [Auth] getting a device token:

[1660052117.233|0x70000e185000] [http:request:56] connect begin:

[1660052117.233|0x70000e185000] [connection:25] start http session

[1660052117.284|0x70000e185000] [http:request:56] sending 163 bytes

[1660052117.347|0x70000e185000] [http:request:56] done with status code 401

[1660052117.347|0x70000e185000|server_account_manager.cpp:312 ] [Auth] Failed auth with scope 1, ending 1 pending requests

[1660052117.348|0x70000e185000|server_account_manager.cpp:531 ] [Search] Got request callback with status code=0

I do have the same effect. Has anybody solved that?

Opened an issue: #85

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I found that can be search using, but I don’t know if this is correct. If there is a doc showing how to configure an standalone without default jami’s services.