Sending file while either the recipient or the sender is offline

I find this app fantastic!!! :smiley: But there is a problem while sending file: if the sender or the recipient is offline the file cannot be sent. It would be useful if the sender could refresh the message when there is the phrase ‘unjoinable peer’ instead of resending the whole message, and also if the recipint when is online recive a notification of the attempt of file-sharing and could refresh it on its own the connetion to the peer if the sender is online :slight_smile: Ps I am not an computer technician neither a mother-language speaking english so exuseme in advance for errors etc… XD

this will change with swarm. But at least one person of the conversation must be online for sure. We don’t use a server.

okok so if the sender leaves his\her laptop or android online the recipient should receive the file? I was testing this with my android and laptop but if the recipient is not online in the same moment i send the file the connection doesn’t restart on its own. :slight_smile: