Settings > Chat > Enter or Shift+Enter seems broken


Have I found another bug? It would be great if someone could confirm before I raise a bug report.

Behaviour: In Settings > Chat > it is possible to choose either Enter or Shift+Enter to insert a new line. This has ceased working, and only Shift+Enter now does this task. Enter sends the message, even when “Enter” is selected in the Chat Settings.

Debian 12
Gnome desktop
Jami - Version 202402141744 Eleutheria
Installed from Jami from official repository

Many thanks.

Ah… just discovered the reason.

In the chat box typing space, the formatting needs to be set to “show”:

Screenshot from 2024-03-20 18-39-48

I wonder, though, why should this have to be so? Wouldn’t it be better if this wasn’t necessary?

Just sayin’ !