Signing a document with Jami?

I understand this is quite outside of Jami primary goals, but I was wondering if it could be possible to widely make available a document that would be signed with a Jami account, instead of classically signing it with for instance a GPG key associated to an email.

For instance, produce a text CC-BY-SA, with the “by” associated to one’s Jami account so as to definitely flag deformed copies while still keeping personal tracking safety.

Maybe it’s already the case and I just have to somehow use my Jami personal key to sign, but I am not really versed in these details and would appreciate any help then!

Thank you!

a jami account is a classic x509 certificate chains, so yeah you can use the key to sign whatever you want

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Thank you @sblin!
So I understand it is theoretically possible, but there is no special function for that in Jami.
I hope I’ll b able to build a kind of script…
Announcing it inside Jami would have singled us out at this moment where everyone talks about moving away from unsafe apps…

@Herve5 it’s a cool idea. Right now it would not be hard to do it manually (probably just from the command line with openssl).

Of course, file transfers are also authenticated using your device certificate and messages on the DHT are signed, etc.

So until we reach a world where people are sharing their Jami Ids like social media handles… If you just send the message to someone, that’s a holdover way to sign your document.

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