Simple question

How are the contacts sorted in the contact list?

On my phone, and in my old phone book, they are sorted alphabetically. Why isn’t it the case with Jami?

Hello @pmetras

Like most communication app, it’s sorted with the contacts you had the latest interaction with.
So, contacts you haven’t talked to for a long time will show at the very bottom.
But if you know the username, you search it directly.

Jami’s community manager.

Well, perhaps I should open a bug ticket because that’s not exactly what I see…

For instance, the second entry in my contact list is for someone whose contact I don’t know, with the notification of swarm created (and I never accepted a new contact invitation yesterday). If I search for that contact name in case this person is part of a group swarm, I get 2 results:

  1. Search Result: the contact name
  2. Conversations: the swarm creation.

Perhaps Jami should have a configuration option to have the contacts listed alphabetically for old school guys like me…

I forgot to add that this contact entry does not appear in the contact lists on my phone.

And that the sorted contact lists are not the same on the phone and on the PC, while these two devices are linked to the same account (I don’t take into account that the phone does not display the contact alias while the PC does).